Policeman beats elderly Gokal Das for public-eating in Ramazan

An elderly Hindu man, Chacha Gokal Das, was brutally beaten by a policeman Mir Hussain Hydrani on Saturday minutes before Iftar (breaking fast) for eating in public in Ramazan.

This has sparked an outrage on social media prompting the political high-ups like Bakhtawar Bhutto to take notice. The policeman has since been arrested as per Bhutto’s tweet.

The incident has sparked a lot of outrage in the social media.

Mir Hussain Hydrani – The policeman that assaulted Gokal Das

It’s worth mentioning here that according to the Ehtaram-e-Ramazan Ordinance of 1981, it is forbidden for anyone who is “according to the tenets of Islam, under an obligation to fast” to eat, drink or smoke in public places.

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